Study from a google earth photo!

Study from a google earth photo!

  • For Arcade Mania - BG design by Emily Walus and Steven Sugar ( < Also can I say how awesome these two guys are )

  • For Giant Woman - It meant a lot to me to be able to paint this gorgeous location. Sam Bosma designed the BG’s and Jasmin Lai helped me out with additional BG paint and also some amazing zip pans which are an art in and of themselves (you all should all go ask her to post them for you to see!!)

  • stevencrewniverse:

    A selection of backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: "Together Breakfast"

    Direction: Kevin Dart

    Design: Sam Bosma, Emily Walus

    Paint: Jasmin Lai, Elle Michalka

    (can’t take credit for the sunrise - Jasmin Lai is a genius)

    Kevin Dart did the amazing concept pieces for this episode! 

    (via yebitchbooby)